2015 Red Shoe Recipient Sheila Grandelis (3rd from left) with Cile Smith (2nd from left),
joined by  Membership Co-chair Connie Maloney (left) and Mary Baxa (right).

The 2015 recipient of the Marjory Wilmot Red Shoe award is Sheila Grandelis (3rd from left).  Sheila has been a faithful and dedicated member of the Milwaukee Christ Child Society for over fifteen years.

During these years, she has served as Membership Committee Member, as Membership Chair and as President of our Milwaukee Chapter. She has contributed to the highly successful fundraising project of eBay with her expertise in procuring items from the Resale Shop, rummage sales and consignment stores. She has sorted and boxed remnants of estate sales, even working in extreme heat, acknowledging that she does it all for the Christ Child. She has earned the title “Picker” as she has the expertise to know when an item has value and the items she procures help fund our many projects today. She works at the Resale Shop in the Housewares Room and she is the Parish Liaison for St Dominic’s Parish in Brookfield.

Even when family and personal illness entered her life, she continued to volunteer her time and talents, barely missing a beat. She has been the epitome of what a Red Shoe Award recipient must be; a dependable, serving, faithful leader.