In December 1884, Mary Virginia Merrick was told about a woman who would soon give birth and who had no clothes for her baby. Quickly organizing her sisters and friends, Mary Virginia provided a complete layette in time for the infant’s arrival. This was the beginning of what became the signature program of the Christ Child Society – the Layette program. Other service programs soon followed as members identified ever-changing needs within the community.

Members lead, organize and support these Follow the Child programs that impact the children in our community:

in the 2023-2024 FISCAL YEAR

Infant Layettes

  • About 1,700 Layettes distributed to hospitals and social service agencies for needy infants.  A team of approximately 24 women assemble layettes each month.
  • Donated items that could not be used in Layettes were given to agencies.

My Stuff Bags

  • Over 900 My Stuff Bags were assembled and distributed to 6 shelters and agencies for children in crisis removed from their homes.  These bags are assembled by about 20 monthly volunteers.
  • During April, My Stuff Bags has expanded to include “toddler bags”, sizes 9, 12 and 18 months.

Second Saturday 

  • Over 20 families participate on a regular basis at All Saints parish.  This year, the popular Ko Thi Dancers performed and there was an excellent program on Bees.

School Support Services

  • 3 schools received financial assistance for programs to benefit students
  • CCS purchased and stocks a book vending machine for Blessed Savior South Elementary School. and bookshelves and books were provided to our participating homeless shelters so that they have “libraries”.
  • CCS has teacher assistants at Blessed Savior South Elementary School

  Vision Screening 

  • 880 children screened by 15 vision screeners at 18 parochial schools 
  • Approximately 12% of the children were referred for a complete eye exam