We are proud to announce the recipient of the 2013 Marjory Wilmot Red Shoe Award is Margaret “Peg” Vollmer. Peg has been a dedicated member of the Milwaukee Christ Child Society since 1999.

Peg has served as treasurer twice during her years as a member. Because the duties of a treasurer touch all aspects of the Christ Child Society, from the board to every project and expenditure, she is very knowledgeable about the intricacies of our chapter. The Milwaukee chapter has so many long-time members, so Peg may seem “new” – she joined in 1999 – but she has managed to fit a lot of experience and service into those years. In addition to her board position as treasurer, Peg has served as a tireless worker of our signature Layette program. She is a master in dealing with companies to get discounts on layette items.  She has also helped for many years with the memorial masses and endowment cards, and manages our mailings. Peg has volunteered to coordinate database and contributions for the 2011 and for this year’s Shower of Love. She is always willing to mentor new provisionals, is dependable and willing to serve. The Christ Child Society’s Milwaukee Chapter is very happy to present the 2013 Red Shoe Award to the very deserving Peg Vollmer.

The Marjory Wilmot Red Shoe Award is presented each year to one member of the Milwaukee chapter whose light shines in many directions and whose dedication to the society and to those we serve is exemplary. Marjory Wilmot was the founder of the Milwaukee chapter in 1948.