Marjory Wilmot Red Shoe Award

The Marjory Wilmot Red Shoe Award is awarded each year to one member of the Milwaukee Chapter whose light shines in many directions and whose dedication to the society and to those we serve is exemplary. Marjory Wilmot was the founder of the Milwaukee Chapter in 1948.

The 2021 recipient of the Red Shoe Award was Judy Keenan. The award was presented at the Spring Mass on May 19, 2021.

2021 Red Shoe Award Winner Judy Keenan

2020 Pat Dorr 2002 Margo Haig 1984 Sylvis DuBois
2019 Joanne Foran 2001 Lois Margwarth 1983 Janette Nauertz Pisarek
2018 Mary Lou Kennedy 2000 Mary Bray 1982 Lou Bagley
2017 Jane Frisch 1999 Betty McDermott 1981 Dolores Holehouse
2016 Barbara Busalacchi 1998 Lois Schaefer 1980 Ann Poggel
2015 Sheila Grandelis 1997 Marge O’Keane 1979 Marge Fenlon
2014 Cile Smith 1996 Mary Ann Bellante 1978 Jane Dornbach
2013 Peg Vollmer 1995 Beverly Washcovick 1977 Donna Heon
2012 Julie Steinhafel 1994 Jeanne Brossard 1976 Mary Ann Armour
2011 Pat Driscoll 1993 Marie Konrath 1975 Elaine Curtes
2010 Mitzi McGovern 1992 Rosemary Koch 1974 Mary Ricci
2009 Mary Troglia 1991 Aletta Ruesch 1973 Ginny Wheeler
2008 Mary Lou Glasl 1990 Maryalice Rasmussen 1972 Marlene Magnarini
2007 Maureen Manning 1989 Mary Ann Howard 1971 Mary Mellinger
2006 Pat Benson 1988 Terese Powers 1970 Alice Gallun
2005 Ramona Tetzlaff 1987 Mary Pat Hornak 1969 Florine Schneider
2004 Mary FitzGerald 1986 Barbara Pelton 1968 Angie Kopf
2003 Cindy Schmitt 1985 Marilyn Harris


by Marie Mertle Ungarsky

I saw them both as they approached the
Gleaming white Communion rail,
The one with cheeks so highly rouged,
The other one sedate and pale.
The one was dressed in quiet gray
With shoes so plain and neat,
The other one in vivid hue
And red shoes on her feet.
The one with solemn, serious face
And head bowed gently low.
The other a smile upon her lips
And eyes like flame aglow.
They knelt there side by side those two,
The one so gray and neat.
The other perfumed and gay,
With red shoes on her feet.
The “Master” came and entered in
The heart of both these two.
And in both hearts He found retreat
And love so deep and true.
Some saints dress in convent garb,
Simple, plain, and neat,
But there are saints who walk the earth
With red shoes on their feet.